What it Takes

Product quality and manufacturing tempo are maintained by dedicated workers, a participative management team, state-of-the-art manufacturing and quality-assurance tools, and clearly documented operational guidelines.

JPM has all of these, and our results show it.

The Right Match

We place special emphasis on matching our quality-assurance capability with our manufacturing capability in accordance with our ISO 9001:2015 certification. This match, enforced by thoroughly documented operational guidelines, insures that our product quality is consistently high and our adherence to production timelines is trustworthy. This match is also enforced by by the organizational hierarchy of JPM:

Production and Quality Assurance are under separate manager-level employees who are of equal rank. This helps insure that quality remains job one out-the-door.

Our most

The most important product that JPM produces is an ever-growing body of knowledge about how to make things. We do not trust that this knowledge will be passed on within the company by word-of-mouth. We record it – what worked, what didn’t work. We innovate, but on a firm foundation of well-documented past experience. We do things right, and when we don’t, we seldom make the same mistake twice.

Nathan Nguyen,
Quality Assurance Manager

Voice: 719-522-9592
Fax: 719-522-9593


Displayed below are some of the quality-assurance tools JPM uses. Among these tools is the highly advanced Brown & Sharpe Global® Advantage Silver Edition Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM).