Hexagon OPTIV Performance 664 Dual Z

The Optiv Performance line can tackle many measuring tasks with its robust design in granite, its axes with mechanical bearings and complete range of sensors. A versatile multisensor coordinate measuring machine (CMM), the Optiv Performance line is the first choice for measuring smaller as well as larger workpieces – both in the quality room and in the production area.

Capable of measuring with a complete range of tactile and non-contact sensors, Optiv Performance CMMs can tackle a wide range of measuring tasks. The design of these granite-based coordinate measuring machines, with precision mechanical linear guides on all axes, allows for high-accuracy measurements through consistent positioning accuracy.

Challenging environmental conditions in the production environment such as dirt, dust and floor vibrations are eliminated by the optional machine enclosure, the covered guideways and the optional vibration damping system.


  • High throughput
  • Supports series production measurements on large numbers of workpieces
  • Optimum access from all sides for automation integration
  • Variety of sensors permits exact tailoring to the measuring task
  • Variable illumination, with a multi-segment LED ring light (lateral top light) for high contrast illumination of complex surfaces and edges
  • Powerful image processing with video filters for image optimisation in difficult optical conditions
  • PC-DMIS measuring software: Ease of operation thanks to automatic PC-DMIS routines, for example for part alignment or sensor calibration
  • Options: Mechanical bearing CNC rotary table, vibration damping system, air-conditioned machine enclosure



  • Low-vibration granite construction with a fixed bridge and a moving measuring table; integrated sub frame
  • 610 x 610 x 305 mm XYZ measuring range, 610 x 610 x 405 mm XYZ measuring range optionally available
  • Vision sensor with high-resolution camera
  • Motorised CNC zoom or Optiv Dual Camera optics with changeable lenses
  • Coaxial LED top light, telecentric LED back light and multi-segment LED ring light
  • Sensor options: TTL laser, Chromatic White Light Sensor (CWS), touch-trigger probes HP-TM or TP200, optional probe module changer rack with up to six ports, high-accuracy 3D scanning probe head HP-S-X1
  • Optional mechanical bearing CNC rotary tables (two sizes Ø 80 mm and Ø 120 mm)
  • PC-DMIS measuring software
  • Optiv Performance 663/664 Dual ZWith the exclusive Optiv Dual Z technology, optical and tactile sensors are assigned to two independent vertical axes; optional motorised indexing probe head HH-A-T5; mechanical bearing CNC stacked rotary tables (Optiv Dual Rotary) available as an additional option for Optiv Performance 664 Dual Z