Independent Operations

Frequently JPM develops products and fixtures from no more than the customer’s verbal description of a need. Our broad design and manufacturing experience enables us to satisfy customers who want simply to drop off a problem and pick up a solution, with little or no involvement in between. Working in this way, JPM has proven its ability to design, produce and retrofit components and other products that work flawlessly.

Joint Operations

Frequently JPM produces a result precisely defined by the customer. JPM receives drawings and specifications; does the work required in cooperation with the customer’s engineers and fabricators, and delivers on time and to specifications.

Mixed Operations

Although JPM can work either independently or jointly, most work is somewhere between the two: JPM receives the customer’s ideas or rough designs; conducts a needs analysis as rough or refined as the project may require; studies the engineering problems; makes engineering material recommendations; makes concept drawings; produces a CAD model in SolidWorks; conducts finite and stress analyses; does engineering drawings; crafts prototypes; tests form, fit and function; and so forth to completion, as required by the customer.

In this process, JPM involves the customer or his representatives as much or as little as they wish.


JPM is sensitive to the proprietary interests of all customers and maintains strict firewalls between projects and customers.

JPM is frequently entrusted with new-product rollouts where time, quality, and confidentiality are critical. Plans, products, assemblies, and processes are carefully protected against potentially harmful disclosure. JPM has implemented the NIST 800-171 securities to keep your sensitive material safe and secure.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

JPM is ISO 9001:2015 Certified and fully capable of meeting the needs of customers requiring this special certification.